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9 Reasons You Might Not Like Our Pizza

1. The crust is unusual. We use high-extraction local flour for flavor and nutrition, and a three-day slow fermentation process to give the crust great body, taste, and texture. If you made a loaf out of our dough, it would be really good bread. The natural leavening process also affects the gluten in the dough. Some people find it easier to digest than traditional white pizza dough made with commercial yeast.

2. We don't use as much cheese as some other pizza places. It's a quality over quantity approach: We use whole milk, low-moisture mozzarella  It's great cheese, melts beautifully, and tastes pure and perfect. We don't want the pizza to be a gooey mess, and we don't want you to feel bloated after you eat it.

3. The sauce isn't sweetened. We roast tomatoes with garlic and herbs, puree them skins and all for better flavor and nutrition, then drain off excess water to concentrate flavor and keep your pizza from getting soggy. We don't add any sugar or another sweetener.

4. We offer fewer choices. Our goal is to do a few things really well. Farmhouse and Barnyard pizzas are always available, plus a seasonal special or two each week  based on what makes sense for the season and what we think is delicious. That's it. No pineapple-anchovy-blue cheese. Sorry.

5. Our process is slower. Our dough process starts three days before your order, so we can't just pull another batch of dough out of the freezer. This is a craft process with a living dough. It's kind of like brewing. We deliver a consistently great pizza and make the ordering and delivery process just as good as the pizza. But there will be times when we sell out, or when it takes longer than some people expect to get a pizza You can pre-order if you want to be sure to get a pie at a particularly busy time. We think first-come, first-served is the fairest approach.

6. Delivery will probably take longer. 45 minutes is typical. Sometimes we can do it faster, and during peak demand periods it may take longer because we're already serving other customers who ordered earlier. Pro move: Order ahead and reserve your slot the same way you would make a reservation at a popular restaurant.

7. No two-liter bottles of soda. We're not kidding ourselves that pizza is the perfect health food, though we do think our approach is relatively healthy. For drinks, we'd be happy to bring you some cider from our neighbor's orchard, or some bubbly Saratoga Water.

8. No wings, no fries, no chips sauce. Our salads go great with pizza.

9. It costs a few dollars more. High-quality ingredients are more expensive. But we think the quality, freshness, and flavor are worth it, and that $20 for a meal that'll definitely feed three and might feed four is still a pretty good value given that we also bring it to your home or office.

If none of that looks like a deal-breaker, you can order online and see what you think.