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Fun Farm Food

High-quality ingredients. Fun, simple meals and big flavors from around the world. 

All served in a friendly casual setting.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner seven days a week.

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Mixer from Italy

We're not traditionalists. This ain't Naples. But better ingredients and equipment can create better results. Like our fork mixer from Italy, which slowly aerates our sourdough pizza and roll dough without heating it up. So your crust tastes better.


Local tomatoes in season

We make tomato sauce daily, using fresh tomatoes from our farm and from our friends' farms in season. First, we roast fresh tomatoes with garlic and herbs, then we simmer the sauce low and slow until it's thick and flavorful.

9 Miles East Pizza is Different

Fresh Sauce

We make a fresh, rustic, herbed, boldly seasoned sauce from our own tomatoes in season and from the best we can get the rest of the year.

Slow Dough = Better Crust

Sourdough crust for big flavor and better nutrition.

Interesting Toppings

Flavors from around the world


Farm-fresh pizza for the Saratoga Springs area

Dine-in, delivery, and takeout

Plenty of great meals in addition to pizza

Online Ordering

From Our Farm to You

9 Miles East Farm uses high-quality ingredients and a three-day slow-fermented sourdough process to make delicious pizza unlike anything else in the area. Then we deliver it to you to enjoy.

Ingredients matter. Our flour comes from Farmer Ground Flour in Ithaca, NY. Our cheese comes from central NY. Our meat comes from local and regional farms. And our vegetables and herbs? We grow some of them ourselves and buy others from our friends' farms nearby.

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