Slow dough = better crust

Many people who love pizza love thin-crust Neapolitan style. We do too: It's great fresh from the oven. But for delivery, we wanted something that had body and flavor on its own. We wanted pizza crust that is good bread. So we use local flour from Ithaca, NY, slow, natural fermentation, and the best mixing and resting techniques to produce dough so good you'll wish it was thicker.

Fresh tomatoes

No #10 cans. Our goal is to grow all the tomatoes we need for a year's worth of pizza sauce. And if we miss, we'll be roasting great fresh tomatoes from other regional farms. It's a rustic, herbed, seasoned sauce. 

Quality local toppings

Josh raised the pigs used to make our sausage. Seth grew the onions. We grow lots of the other ingredients ourselves on our 11-acre farm.