Better ingredients make better pizza

Fresh slow-roasted tomatoes. Herbs from the farm. Mozzarella cheese from Capiello Dairy in Schenectady, which is 50% more expensive than commodity mozzarella and 100% better. Flour grown in New York State and freshly milled at Farmer Ground Flour in Ithaca.

It takes three days to make our naturally leavened, sourdough-style crust. We think the results are worth all the effort.

Mixer from Italy

We're not traditionalists. This ain't Naples. But better equipment does create better results. Like our fork mixer from Italy, which slowly aerates the dough without heating it up. So your crust tastes better.

Tomatoes from Schuylerville

Fresher is better. We make rustic sauce with fresh tomatoes from our farm and from our friends' farms in Washington County. First we roast fresh tomatoes with garlic and herbs, then we simmer the sauce low and slow until it's thick and concentrated.

Growing our own

Sometimes the baker says "hang on a minute," then she walks down the driveway and comes back with a handful of fresh basil for your pizza.